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If you have homeowners insurance, your home may be subject to inspection. The condition of your roof is one of the main factors insurers take into account when deciding how much you’ll be paying for homeowners insurance. If your roof is not properly cleaned and taken care of, you can be charged extra because of the liability. If the inspectors report that your roof is damaged by moss or lichen, Your insurance company could threaten to increase your premium or cancel your insurance policy altogether.

We specifically mix our proprietary cleaner for every job so it kills the mold and mildew right away. Then we use the proper water pressure to safely get the best clean. For roof cleanings, we don’t use high pressure because that can cause damage by removing the granules on the shingles, but rather the soft wash method, we apply a mixture of our cleaner and detergents with a lower pressure and let rain rinse off over time.

At The Powerwash Guys, we provide all power washing services you need in Milford, CT
Serving The 06460, 06461 area.

Many people don't clean the roof of their home.  Not keeping the roof clean can cause the shingles to wear out prematurely and cause roof damage. That is why at The Powerwash Guys we use a combination of controlled water pressure and our proprietary cleaning solution to provide the perfect clean for your roof.

When The Powerwash Guys get done pressure washing your roof, it will look brand new again.  You’ll be amazed at how your roof looks. So if your home’s roof is looking black and streaky, or dotted with green moss or lichen, call us for residential roof power washing in Milford, CT.

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