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artillery fungus on vinyl siding

Q:  Can you get all the paint off so I can paint/Stain my deck/porch?

A:   No, Power washing is not a form of paint removal/stripping.  Only paint that is loose will chip off during power washing.  Sanding or use of paint stripper is the only way to remove existing paint and that is a service that we do not offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

rust stain on vinyl siding

When getting your home powerwashed there are a few questions that frequently get asked about the process and what can and cannot be cleaned/removed with cleaning.

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Nail spots on vinyl siding

Q:  Can you clean the rust stains off?

​A:  sometimes yes, sometimes no.  all depends on severity and how long the stain has been there.

Q:  Will the white spots on my siding come off?

A:   No, most likely not, Behind the white spots are nail heads.  When the siding was installed the wrong type of nail causing this discoloration.

We do not pick-up/ clean-up paint chips after deck washing, will be blown into grass during washing service.

Q:  What do you mean by "re-sand my walkway/patio?"

A:   The paver cleaning process can end up removing more than just debris from the block’s surface.  It also can remove the sand or rock dust from between the blocks or pavers.  Flooring stability and integrity come from different factors, including the presence of material between the joints. To avoid any problems in the future, you will need to re-sand pavers and make sure that your investment stays beautiful for many years to come.

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Q:  What are these black spots on my siding and can you get them off?

A:  The black spots are called Artillery Fungus, Currently there is no known efficient way to get rid of them without staining.