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At The Powerwash Guys, we provide all power washing services in East Haven, CT
Serving The 06512 and 06513 Area

Many people think that just taking a pressure washer to the exterior of their house will get the job done. Without proper training, however, you may not know exactly how much pressure to use or whether any pressure could cause damage. That is why at The Powerwash Guys we use a combination of controlled water pressure and our proprietary cleaning solution to provide the perfect clean for your house.

We specifically mix our proprietary cleaner for every job so it kills the mold and mildew right away. Then we use the proper water pressure to safely get the best clean. For Cedar or stucco siding, for example, we don’t use high pressure because that causes damage, but rather a stronger mixture of our cleaner with a lower pressure rinse. For plastic/vinyl the most effective clean comes from higher pressure combined with our proprietary cleaner that can get rid of the mold and mildew.  For brick we use a bit more pressure, but not enough to chip it. 

When The Powerwash Guys get done pressure washing your East Haven, CT home, it will look brand new again. You’ll be amazed at how bright and sparkling everything is. All of the things you thought you’d need to replace will suddenly look vibrant and alive again. So if your home’s exterior is unclean and starting to fade, call us for residential power washing in East Haven, CT.

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